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The EPA wants to hear from you.

Posted by Bobby Hayden at Nov 07, 2013 01:00 PM |

Ending business as usual for polluters can help drive the clean energy economy.

The EPA wants to hear from you.

Heidi Hunt, Business Partnerships Intern

By Heidi Hunt
Climate Solutions

I bet you thought 2013 was all out of opportunities for you to weigh in on landmark climate and economic strategies, didn’t you? Well, think again because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is joining the party.

As part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the EPA will host public listening sessions throughout the country to inform and craft carbon pollution limits for existing and future power plants.

EPA logoThe public listening tour comes at a critical time for our region. Not only is it clear that the end is nigh for carbon-heavy coal export and investment, but the listening sessions also come close on the heels of Governors Inslee and Kitzhaber’s pledge to join the Governor of California and the Premier of British Columbia in implementing aggressive and complimentary climate policy. As we saw through the powerful testimonies at the Governor’s Climate Workgroup hearing in October, people in the Northwest are hungry for climate action, such as carbon limits and pricing, and we’re itching to build our economy around clean power and policies that promote investment in innovative energy technologies. Fortunately for us, the President and EPA’s efforts are consistent with those goals and they’re acting to spur the nation’s power sector to change.

Ending business as usual for polluters can help drive the clean energy economy.

Limits for proposed plants will provide the first national standard for carbon emissions, hold polluters accountable, and help curb one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the world. As our neighbors in B.C. and California have demonstrated, placing limits on carbon that account for the cost of carbon, and transitioning to clean energy can create jobs and power a growing economy.

The EPA listening tour hearing in Seattle is today, Thursday, November 7, at the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building from 3-6pm. Your input is needed to help the EPA gain insight into the most cost-effective and efficient approach to cutting carbon pollution from our local and national power sector. If you aren’t available to attend the session, submit written comments on existing power plants to ensure the EPA establishes stringent limits to stimulate practical and profitable power alternatives.

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