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Climate action in Idaho

Idaho LandscapeIdaho has enjoyed relatively cheap and abundant energy for a long, long time. Unfortunately, those days are coming to a close. Today, Idaho imports most of its energy -- fully 80% comes from fossil fuels (oil, coal, and natural gas) imported from out of state.  As a result, businesses, agriculture and residents alike are vulnerable to volatile and rising costs for fossil fuel energy resources.  Already, Idahoans are spending $3.7 billion a year on imported energy.

Wind TurbinesIdaho has no fossil fuels, but it is rich in renewable energy resources and energy efficiency potential.  A clean energy rush will reduce the outflow of dollars leaving the state for imported energy, and keep more hard-earned cash circulating at local businesses.  It will bring good jobs to Idaho, expanding the state’s fast-growing clean tech sector while drawing billions of dollars in clean energy project investment into rural and urban parts of the state. 

Geothermal pondClean energy is not just a prime solution to global warming -- for Idaho, it means economic development.  The way forward is clear, but bold leadership is required to chart a more secure energy future for Idaho.  Climate Solutions is working with agriculture, business and elected leaders who are ready to roll up their sleeves to build a more secure, prosperous clean energy future for the great state of Idaho.  Read Climate Solutions report Securing Idaho's Energy Future: The Role of Energy Efficiency and Renewables.

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