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Climate action in Montana

Judith Gap FieldsThe emerging clean-energy economy is a real opportunity for Montana to be a leader in building and expanding companies, creating new and sustainable jobs that will enable our children to have good paying jobs right here at home, and keeping energy affordable and reliable. Wind, solar, biofuels, “smart grids,” energy efficiency, and other clean-energy technologies and sectors are poised for explosive growth.

To get involved with Climate Solutions in Montana:

Explore our Business Partnership Program
Business Leaders for Climate Solutions  (BLCS) brings together executives and other business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors who are committed to regional leadership, strong action to reduce global warming pollution and a transition to a clean and energy-efficient economy.

For more information on BLCS, contact Chris Bast, 206.443.9570 x31.


Power Past Coal

CoalTrainCoal companies are trying to push 150 million tons of  coal, on rail through Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon to be loaded onto ships out of ports in the Northwest and shipped to Asia to burn. 

Shipping up to 150 million tons of coal a year through our communities would release toxic coal dust and diesel exhaust along the rail lines, clog our railroads, ports, and roads, risk our families’ health, pollute our air and water, and continue to stoke the climate crisis.

For more information on how you can help stop coal exports, contact Beth Doglio, 360.352.1763 x29, or visit PowerPastCoal.org.

Harvesting Clean Energy - 2014 Conference

The 2014 Harvesting Clean Energy conference, organized this year by  National Center for Appropriate Technology through their ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, will be held in Helena, MT on February 4-6.

Learn more about the future of the program and the upcoming conference on the Harvesting Clean Energy website.


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