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Investment in coal infrastructure faces uncertain future

By Lance Dickie
The Seattle Times

The long-term, global economic prospects for coal are drawing bleak financial reviews. Another question for regional coal-export terminals.

The guy in the coal documentary on TV was adamant. If coal trains cause harm to the environment, then so do Boeing airplanes. Stop coal trains and the whole regional economy unwinds.

This logic brings to mind two words: cow flatulence.

Did the emergency PR committee convened to drum up ideas to promote coal trains consider cow flatulence?

Why not add the environmental damage done by methane discharges? Do opponents of coal trains really want to stop the dairy and beef industries in Washington?

Indeed all of agriculture is threatened if coal trains are not allowed. Yes, even the iconic cherry industry. Ba-da-Bing!

The fellow’s “what you’re really saying” challenge has all the earmarks of consultants dreaming up snappy rhetoric to push back any arguments. The billable assignment just got tougher with all the bad news about the global economic realities of coal.

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