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Goldman Sachs Sacks Coal Terminal Investment
Jan 07, 2014
“Goldman Sachs’ stepping away from coal export is yet another sign from Wall Street that it's a losing investment. We can do better than coal export both in Bellingham and the Northwest.”
A great day for West Coast climate leadership
Oct 28, 2013
"This action today shows what climate leadership looks like. The days of free and unlimited carbon dumping by polluters in our region are numbered and today’s commitment from the governors and Premier is a great market signal to that effect."
Climate Impacts and Economic Opportunities: Business, Elected, Public Health Leaders Call for Bold Action in WA
Oct 22, 2013
Opportunities for Reducing Climate Pollution and Accelerating the Homegrown Clean Energy Economy Under Consideration by Gov. Inslee and Legislators in Climate Workgroup
U.S. EPA’s Announcement to Regulate Climate Pollution from New Coal-Fired Power Plants Draws Strong Positive Reactions From Northwest Business, Clean Energy Leaders
Sep 20, 2013
"The EPA put accountability where it belongs and they're a powerful example of West Coast climate leadership, as they’re modeled on the standards pioneered in California, Washington, and Oregon."
Oregon House hearing highlights who is paying the price for climate pollution
Sep 18, 2013
The takeaway from the OGWC’s latest report: Cars and Coal remain our challenge. Oregon is not on path to meet its 2020 goals.
Capturing carbon, saving money, and enhancing regional communities
Aug 01, 2013
The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative, City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, Ecotrust, and the Willamette Partnership provided a briefing on the climate and economic benefits of natural infrastructure in Portland and the Willamette Valley, announced the release of Natural Infrastructure: A Climate-Smart Solution, and led a 45-minute tour of multiple natural infrastructure projects in Portland's South Waterfront area.
Oregon Senate bows to out-of-state oil interests
Jul 06, 2013
Moving forward, Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality will continue to implement the program until 2015, and the Clean Fuels Now coalition is committed to lifting the sunset in the 2014 legislative session if the vote is not reversed this session.
The basics are clear: less climate pollution, more clean energy.
Jun 25, 2013
Leaders in business, government and public health react to climate change speech from President Obama
Tom Steyer, Governor Inslee Issue Clarion Call for West Coast Leadership to Address Climate Change
May 13, 2013
Investor/Philanthropist and Governor Stress Global Warming as an Economic Imperative at Climate Solutions Annual Breakfast
Heinz and Goldman Award Winners Call on Administration to Reject Keystone Pipeline
May 09, 2013
KC Golden Among 20 Winners of Prestigious Awards to Sign Joint Letter
Rural Clean Energy in OR - Stories of Success
Jan 30, 2013
Rural Success Stories Show Harvesting Clean Energy Practical, Profitable
Business and Climate Leaders Call on New Administrator to ‘drive regional climate action’
Jan 17, 2013
DOE Taps New Head of BPA for First Time in Decade
Students Return to Better Buildings
Sep 13, 2012
Washington Public Schools Saving Energy, Seeing Benefits
Climate Solutions advocate and policy architect honored with prestigious Heinz Award
Sep 12, 2012
KC Golden recognized for encouraging cities, businesses and utilities to tackle climate challenge
Snohomish County receives Jobs Now grants
Aug 09, 2012
State grants will bring jobs and investment to Snohomish County
Students discover power and possibility of renewable energy as a career
Jul 02, 2012
New Solutions Stories video: a partnership between Columbia Gorge Community College and Focus the Nation highlights the renewable energy workforce as a driving factor in rural economic development.
Jun 18, 2012
“We need a thorough, comprehensive and transparent review looking at the cumulative impacts of all of the coal export terminals. We cannot look at each proposal with blinders on,” said Beth Doglio, Campaign Director for Power Past Coal. “The Army Corps is ignoring the serious impacts these proposals would have on communities from Montana to Eastern Washington and along our coasts
Statement on Governor Kitzhaber's Ten Year Energy Plan
Jun 04, 2012
Governor Kitzhaber's plan is an important opportunity to accelerate our region’s transition from a fossil-fueled past to a clean energy future.
Compost At Scale Shows Success In Cutting Carbon, Building Soils and Growing Business
Apr 25, 2012
Cedar Grove Largest Single Dedicated Yard-Waste Composting Facility in U.S
Broad constituency to deliver over 40,000 signatures to Commissioner Goldmark against coal export
Feb 29, 2012
Citing concerns about local health, business impacts, group represents communities throughout Washington
Energy efficiency repowering Washington’s workforce and public spaces
Feb 28, 2012
Stories show how local businesses and public entities are saving energy and creating jobs
Energy efficiency repowering Washington’s workforce and public spaces
Feb 27, 2012
Stories show how local businesses and public entities are saving energy and creating jobs
Feb 23, 2012
Statement from Brett Vandenheuvel, Columbia Riverkeeper and Power Past Coal coalition in response to Millenium Bulk Terminals filing permit for 44 million ton coal export facility in Longview, WA
Energy Efficiency Bolsters Region’s Economies
Jan 19, 2012
Stories showcase how small businesses, commercial building owners and communities benefit from energy efficiency products and initiatives
Climate Solutions Expands Board of Directors
Jan 04, 2012
Clean Energy Experts Join Experienced Team
Alaska Airlines Taking Key Steps Toward Lower Carbon Flight
Nov 09, 2011
Statement from Ross Macfarlane, Senior Advisor, Business Partnerships for Climate Solutions
Natural Systems Key to Addressing Climate Change
Oct 24, 2011
“Biocarbon” Vital Solution, Complement to Clean Energy Revolution
Climate Solutions Adds Washington State Director
Oct 13, 2011
Policy Expert Moves Up to Oversee State Program
Climate Solutions Expands Team Working on Pioneer Cities Project
Oct 04, 2011
Urban Planning Expert Joins New Energy Cities Program
Clean Energy Economy Extensive in Northwest
Aug 10, 2011
Launch of Project Features Energy Efficiency Leaders and Shows Solutions on the Ground
Groundbreaking Study Details Viable Pathway to Develop Sustainable Aviation Biofuels Industry in Northwest
May 25, 2011
Political support needed to jumpstart growth of domestic biofuels industry
Bill Gates Calls for Multiple Breakthroughs and Political Leadership to Address Climate Change
May 11, 2011
Climate Solutions Annual Event Sells Out and Breaks Goals.
Millennium withdraws permit application for coal export mega-terminal in Longview, WA
Mar 15, 2011
Ongoing revelations about company’s deceptions around terminal size dogged application
Historic agreement reached to phase out coal-burning in Washington
Mar 05, 2011
"This agreement provides tens of millions of dollars to Lewis County for community economic development and local energy efficiency improvement projects that will create good, new local jobs," said Climate Solutions policy specialist Jessica Finn Coven.
Cherry Point Coal Export Facility Would Impact Health, Community, and Waterfront Business
Mar 01, 2011
Outrage at Discovery of Hidden Plan for Massive Coal Export Facility in Longview, WA
Feb 15, 2011
Statement of LeeAnne Beres, Executive Director of Earth Ministry/Washington Interfaith Power & Light, on the challenge to the Longview Coal Export Terminal Permit
Dec 13, 2010
The health of our neighbors – both here in Washington and around the globe in China – got a second chance today in the form of an appeal challenging a permit to build a coal export terminal in Longview, Washington. Washington’s religious community supports the appeal to the Shoreline Hearings Board filed by a coalition of environmental organizations, and calls on the Board to revoke the permit.
Statement of LeeAnne Beres, Executive Director of Earth Ministry/Washington Interfaith Power & Light
Dec 13, 2010
On the challenge to the Longview Coal Export Terminal Permit
Coalition Challenges Permit Allowing Dirty Coal Export to Asia from WA Port
Dec 13, 2010
Longview coal export plan ignores impacts on human health, air quality and global climate
Statement of Cherie Eichholz, Executive Director of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Dec 13, 2010
On the challenge to the Longview Coal Export Terminal Permit
Nov 23, 2010
Growing community of voices demand a better future than dirty coal export
Nov 16, 2010
Groups urge County commission to deny (or delay) permit for Longview coal export facility
Puget Sound Joins Thousands of 350.org Events Across the Planet
Oct 08, 2010
World’s Largest Day of Practical Action to fight Climate Change
Citizens of SW Washington support conservation, even in hard times
Sep 15, 2010
VANCOUVER— Recent polling conducted in Southwest Washington indicates there is deep concern for the natural environment and strong support for policies and public officials who support conservation measures.
America's clean-energy revolution hits a big roadblock
Jun 23, 2010
America’s clean energy revolution hit a big roadblock today, as coal and oil lobbies once again stalled Congressional action. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – clearly frustrated and disappointed – announced that the forthcoming Senate debate will focus more narrowly on oil spill response, missing an historic opportunity to get serious about climate and clean energy solutions.
Montana businesses issue statement on clean energy economy as Senate Democrats caucus in Washington D.C.
Jun 16, 2010
Business leaders throughout Montana sent its economic case for support for building the clean energy economy to Senators Baucus and Tester encouraging them to stand behind a comprehensive approach that includes a price on carbon
New TV Ad Campaign in Washington Thanks Senators Cantwell and Murray for Standing Up for Clean Energy and Defeating Murkowski’s Big Oil Bailout
Jun 14, 2010
A series of new ads are being launched this week to thank Senators Cantwell and Murray and other key Senators who helped defeat the disapproval resolution sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Ala.).
Major Employers, Outdoor Industries, and Small Businesses Urge Immediate Action on Comprehensive Climate, Clean Energy Legislation
Jun 03, 2010
Hundreds of businesses across the region demand action – New polls show strong public support
Senate Gets Cracking on Clean Energy and Climate - WA outlets release
May 12, 2010
Will they stand up to the fossil fuel lobby and deliver real solutions?
Senate Gets Cracking on Clean Energy and Climate - OR outlets release
May 12, 2010
Will they stand up to the fossil fuel lobby and deliver real solutions?
Senate Gets Cracking on Clean Energy and Climate - MT outlets release
May 12, 2010
Will they stand up to the fossil fuel lobby and deliver real solutions?
National Clean Car Standards Show Value of State Leadership, Clean Air Act, and Business Innovation
Apr 01, 2010
Statement by Climate Soutions
Climate Solutions' response to President Obama's announcement on Copenhagen climate agreement
Dec 18, 2009
Statement by Climate Solutions’ Policy Director KC Golden, from Copenhagen
Audio file of Montanans in Copenhagen
Dec 16, 2009
Audio file of Montanans in Copenhagen
Senator Merkley and Governor Gregoire Call for Swift Action on Federal Clean Energy Jobs Bill
Sep 30, 2009
Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington, along with business and community leaders, joined a press conference via telephone to discuss the US Senate's introduction of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. The participants applauded the Senate on its leadership on climate change and stressed the importance of passing strong clean energy legislation this year.
101 Montana Business Leaders Urge Senators to Support Strong Climate and Energy Legislation
Sep 25, 2009
A wide diversity of 100 Montana business leaders - encouraged by the thousands of new jobs that could be created with national climate and energy legislation - sent a letter today to their U.S. Senators urging them to support a strong bill when the issue comes before them later this fall.
Thousands rally in Seattle for a healthy climate and clean energy
May 21, 2009
A spirited crowd estimated at 2,000 people gathered outside an EPA hearing in Seattle on May 21, urging the Obama Administration to take action on reducing global warming pollution. Hundreds of children and students joined members of the faith community, health officials, business leaders, environmental leaders, and elected officials to call upon the administration and congress to address the threat to public health posed by global warming pollution, support real solutions to global warming, create more green jobs and opportunity in the growing clean energy economy and end America’s dependence on dirty energy sources like coal.
Obama’s clean car plan reduces global warming pollution, dependence on fossil fuels
May 19, 2009
Statement by Climate Solutions’ Executive Director Gregg Small
Rally in Seattle for Climate, Clean Energy Jobs, Healthy Communities
May 19, 2009
Diverse Groups Unite to Rally outside EPA Hearing on Global Warming Pollution
Congress Stepping Up To Climate Solutions
May 14, 2009
Governor’s Climate Bill Passes State House
Apr 15, 2009
Bill would clean up coal and transportation emissions; reduce costly dependence on fossil fuels
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