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How to Access Our Content Through RSS

Climate Solutions RSS Feeds:

CS Journal Feed - a feed from our organizational blog

Featured Stories - a feed of the latest featured content

Also, custom feeds are easy!  You can also create a custom feed by doing a search using the search engine at the top. On the results page, click the RSS icon, then paste the url from the page you arrive at into your aggregator, such as  Bloglines  or  Feedster

What is an RSS feed?

RSSRSS feeds allow you to keep track of all your news sources and blogs in one place. The headlines and summaries are organized in a simple, easy-to-browse format and are updated every time you refresh the screen. When you see something you want to read, you can just click the link and be taken directly to the full text.

RSS, or really simple syndication, is a way for web readers to easily access online news and content from their preferred sources in one place. By using RSS, you can display the headlines and summaries from the sources you choose (as long as they offer an RSS feed). 

How to create and use RSS feeds

First, you need to register for a good news aggregator. You can do this for free at sites such as  Bloglines  or Feedster . Other good aggregators can be found  here .

Once you've signed up, add some feeds from your favorite news sources. Visit any website that provides a feed (most news sites will) and click the "RSS" link or the orange box that says XML (usually found at the very top, bottom or sidebar of your website). 

Some sites will show you what to do, and others will send you to a page of computer jibber-jabber, which is the XML programming language.  All you need to do is just copy the URL for this page and go back to your news aggregator.  Click "add feeds," paste it into the indicated space, press the "subscribe" button and start browsing your headlines!

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