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Northwest Biocarbon Initiative Resources


The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative factsheet

Building the Biocarbon Economy: How the Northwest Can Lead,  
--Patrick Mazza, Research Director, Climate Solutions (July 2010)
This series of briefings on biocarbon focuses specifically on how the Northwest can mount regional initiatives to accelerate biocarbon progress 


Soils  Forests  Urban



The Northwest Biocarbon Initiative Blog

Learn more:

Hansen, J., et al, 2008: Target atmospheric CO2: Where should humanity aim?

Brief of Target atmospheric CO2: Where should humanity aim?
National Aeronautics and Space Administration website, 2008.

Lacis, Andrew, CO2: The Thermostat that Controls Earth's Temperature,
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, October, 2010.

Washington State University Climate Friendly Farming website and resources



For more information on the Northwest Biocarbon Initiative
contact Rhys Roth, 360.352.1763 x23

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