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What is the Biocarbon Imperative?

An overload of carbon pollution in the air is disrupting Earth’s climate system and driving strange and extreme weather across the country and around the world.

With carbon dioxide now surpassing 400 parts per million, a direct result of humanity burning fossil fuels and transforming landscapes,  atmospheric (CO2) concentration are higher now than at any time in at least 800,000 years and probably longer – since before our human ancestors spread outside Africa.  Increasingly, scientists are pointing to 350 parts per million as the target to restore a “safe operating space for humanity.”

If we fail to make the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy, CO2 levels in the atmosphere will continue to climb further into the extreme danger zone:



Job number one is to stop adding to the carbon pollution load by switching from fossil fuel energy sources to clean energy. If we can do that globally and rapidly, CO2 levels will peak at about 425-450 parts per million – still 100 ppm higher than Target 350:


To get back to Target 350 ppm we also need biocarbon – to ally with nature and restore healthy natural systems around the world that can suck up carbon pollution from the air and store it in trees, plants, and soils. The co-benefits will include a healthier economy, healthier psyches, and a healthier natural environment:



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