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Articles and Reports

Study report dealing with two parts:
1. Can rapeseed and canola be produced economically in eastern Washington and Northern Idaho?
2. Under what conditions could their oils be used as a feedstock for biodiesel in urban bus systems?
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is soliciting energy alternatives and fuel efficiency efforts in a bid to reduce the military's reliance on traditional fuel for aircraft.  July 18, 2006.

How Biodiesel is made - Biodiesel is made by chemically altering an organic oil (typically vegetable oil) through a process called "transesterification." Essentially, the process thins down the oil to allow it to run in an unmodified diesel engine.
Oregon based company using cellulosic plant:  ZeaChem Celebrates Groundbreaking Of Biorefinery In Boardman, Oregon.  June 2, 2010 
UN report assessing biofuels; biofuels needs to be considered along with many other mitigation technologies
Jenny Mandel, article from Greenwire, January 19, 2010.  Abu Dhabi project tries saltwater farming for aviation biofuels
Allison Winter, article about Biofuel regulations from Greenwire, February 4, 2010.
Sindya N. Bhanoo, Green Blog entry on New York Times.com about the benefits of algae.  January 25, 2010.
James Kanter, Green Blog entry on New York Times.com, about the positives of algae.  February 23, 2010.
February 16, 2010 article on Renewable Energy World about British Airways developing a waste-to-fuel facility.

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