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Transportation choices you can make to reduce global warming pollution

1. Get engaged with groups who deal with climate and transportation issues in the Pacific Northwest:

    * Connect with Climate Solutions to stay abreast of specific climate protection issues that you can take action on. Sign up for our action alerts

    * Transportation Choices Coalition can let you know when to weigh in and support policies that give you better transportation choices.

    * Help FutureWise slow sprawl and implement responsible land use policies.

Walking School Bus2. Drive less. Live closer to work, live on a bus line, walk or cycle on trips under a mile. Chain together trips together.

3. Walk.  See great routes at Feet First.

4. Bike. Check out the Bicycle Alliance and Cascade Bicycle Club (or your local cycling organizations) for routes, trails, and safety tips.

5. Use mass transit. Contact your local transit authority to find bus routes and schedules.

6. Rideshare to work, school or an event. Contact your local transit authorities to see if ride-sharing programs and vanpools are available. Some local and state government agencies also provide ride-share and vanpool incentives to employees.

7. Telecommute: Work at home one or two days a week or consider “flex-time” — working four 10-hour days and taking the fifth day off — to reduce the number of cars on the road.

8. Shed a vehicle if your family owns more than one.

9. Buy a fuel efficient vehicle. Visit the Greener Cars website for more information.

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