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Research and Reports

Biocarbon Briefs
The biocarbon paradigm aims at leveraging plant growth and rich soils to halt the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and then to achieve a global turnaround. By making nature a climate ally humanity can actually begin to draw down carbon dioxide toward levels that prevailed before we began massively consuming fossil fuels. This is a series of briefings on biocarbon, specially focused on how the Pacific Northwest can mount regional initiatives to accelerate biocarbon progress:
Carbon-Free Prosperity
In Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025 we highlight how Oregon and Washington can create green jobs, deliver energy security, and thrive in the global clean-tech marketplace. In a fiercely competitive environment, the Northwest is already leading in a number of critical and emerging clean-energy segments.
Global Warming
By burning fossil fuels – coal, oil and natural gas – and cutting down forests, we are releasing gases that are thickening a heat-trapping blanket around the Earth. Learn more about how fossil fuel use is affecting our planet.
Harvesting Clean Energy
A huge new agricultural market for clean energy products is within reach, opening tremendous opportunities for rural economic renaissance. Bioenergy, windpower and other renewable energies are emerging as competitive solutions to the growing problems of fossil fuels – volatile and rising prices, insecure overseas supplies and climate-disrupting pollution. A niche producer of clean energy today, agriculture could grow to supply 20-25 percent of U.S. energy needs over the next two decades. The reports in this section highlight these topics.
Natural Infrastructure: A Climate-Smart Solution
Natural Infrastructure: A Climate-Smart Solution explores the role that green or natural infrastructure can play in addressing climate action imperatives and explains how to scale up natural infrastructure by taking a comprehensive approach and building the business case for investing in natural infrastructure.
Poised for Profit
The reports in this section examine global markets for clean energy and prospects for developing a competitive, export-oriented clean energy industry in the Pacific Northwest.
Poised for Profit II
The Poised for Profit II project, follow-on research for the first Poised for Profit report, produced a series of reports containing critical information for investors, entrepreneurs and policymakers. These tools include: Research and analysis to pinpoint the largest and best opportunities Surveys of investor and utility plans Directories to research reports, related companies and helpful resources.
Powering the New Energy Future from the Ground Up: Profiles in City-Led Clean Energy Innovation
Powering the New Energy Future from the Ground Up profiles the early results of a diverse range of small- to medium-sized American cities with different economic and energy profiles that are pioneering the clean energy economy.
Securing Idaho's Energy Future
The future of energy in Idaho is critical to the overall health and economic well-being of the state. Idaho has traditionally benefited from a strong, lower-cost energy portfolio. But the state now faces a serious threat to its economy in the form of rising energy costs and energy security issues associated with its heavy reliance on out-of-state imports of natural gas, coal and petroleum. At the same time, Idaho is rich in untapped natural resource and energy efficiency opportunities that could serve important roles in meeting the state’s energy needs.
Smart Grid
A host of new smart energy devices and systems are emerging that can take pressure off overloaded grid infrastructure and power costs,dramatically improve grid reliability and security,and accelerate the growth of cleaner power generation. Smart energy is the application of digital information technology to optimize the electrical power system
Sustainable Biofuels
Cellulosic biofuels offer tremendous environmental and economic sustainability advantages. They can be produced from organic residues that are now often a waste management and pollution problem.
State of the Union Climate Bingo 2014
BINGO! Will the President's State of the Union address be a win for clean energy and climate stability? Play Climate Bingo along with the speech and make up your own mind.
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