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Business Leaders for Climate Solutions
Business Leaders for Climate Solutions brings together executives, entrepreneurs and investors from around the Northwest who are committed to strong action to reduce global warming pollution and regional leadership in the transition to a clean and energy-efficient economy. Regions with strong climate and energy policies in place are best positioned to attract new investments and generate new jobs in clean technology, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

New Energy Cities
The New Energy Cities program is a partnership between Climate Solutions and innovative Northwest cities and counties that wish to be early adopters of the 21st Century clean-energy system. New Energy Cities embraces four key components of an integrated energy system – very efficient and intelligent buildings, smart power grids, plug-in electric vehicles and energy storage and renewable power sources.

Northwest Biocarbon Initiative
Our Northwest Biocarbon Initiative is a partnership with key conservation allies to advance model policies and practices to store carbon in our forests, farms and urbanized landscapes. Biocarbon is the second solution to the climate crisis – after clean energy – required to return carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere to a safe level of 350 parts per million. A worldwide biocarbon transition is necessary; NBI is positioning the Northwest to show the way.

Power Past Coal
Climate Solutions and our Power Past Coal coalition partners are at work on a campaign to halt the effort by coal companies to turn the West Coast into a gateway for coal export to Asia. While the Northwest invests in clean technology jobs for wind, wave and solar energy, the coal export terminals would reverse major commitments to reduce our region’s contribution to global warming pollution.

Sustainable Advanced Fuels
The global aviation industry is mobilizing to reduce its contribution to climate disruption and dependence on fossil fuels. Climate Solutions’ Sustainable Aviation Fuels program builds off our pathbreaking report outlining a regional flight path to fuel our airports with significant quantities of sustainable biofuels. We are building support for strong policies for advanced renewable fuels, mobilizing regional leadership, and supporting international efforts to build sustainable supply chains.

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